"That was easy."  Adriana and Nic finishing their rope climbs in this evening's class.  Another reason to smile after completing your first rope climb or on your last climb of the WOD, announce it to the whole gym! picstitch(5)And yeah, she got it.  Faster than the camera man!

Friday's WOD gives us 4 opportunities to get data points on your max efforts.  Objective, measurable and repeatable, here we go.

Workout of the Day

A: 400 m. sprint

then B: max pull-ups

then C: 500m. row

then D: max weighted plank 45/25# plate *complete in any order to share the rower

Since we don't do a lot of rowing, check out this video below for some basic explanation of the phases and technique.  We want you to go hard and get a number, but not with horrible lumbar rounding.  Mechanics then consistency, and mechanics + consistency + intensity = performance.