15.5! Last workout of the 2015 Open.  I want to feel like this on my last rep: standing tall while giving it hell.  2013 CF Games Champ Sam Briggs showing us how to get after it.

15.5 is......


27-Calorie Row

27 Thursters (95/65#)

21-Calorie Row

21 Thursters

15-Calorie Row

15 Thrusters

9-Calorie Row

9 Thrusters


Scaled and Masters

Row is the same, weight drops to 65/45#.


We were worried they'd throw a row in there somewhere:)  We made some calls and came up with a few extra rowers to be able to run this more efficiently tomorrow.  This one calls for dedication, because, well, you have to finish it for it to count.  Unlike the rest of the Open WODs that were counted on reps, this is counted on time.  Fight, suffer, conquer, and do it with your friends.  This is where being a part of a community will help support you.

Speaking of community, don't forget to come out and compete or support your fellow CrossFit Up-ers at our first in-house comp on Saturday!  This is sure to be filled with fun, challenge, community, and did we mention tacos at the end?  Taqueria Nayarit will arrive at 11:30 and serve 'til 1:30 the most amazing tacos.  If that isn't enough reasons to come support or workout, then I don't know what is.  For the record, my (Ryan) eating record is 11 tacos, I'll be defending that title if I can walk after the comp Cassie put together.  Scalable to all levels, we want this to be inclusive and fun for all.  Come out and show your love for CF UP!2015 Bar Brawl WOD Announcement - Edited