10828025_10152614449552676_5219072170458389999_o So here it is peeps, 15.3.  Last week was hard on some people, hopefully this one will be more inclusive.  If you don't have muscle ups, but you're close, tomorrow might be your day to shine.  If you're still a ways off, don't fret, play in the scaled division and work towards them for another year.  Ultimately, none of us are going to the Games, so why are we doing this?


None of us care what version, including one you've made up or modified so it's appropriate for you, of this workout you do, but do it with us.  It's just another day in the gym; come in, work hard, give your all, sweat, be with your friends, your community.

Remember, if you can't come in tomorrow but want to do the workout, come in on Saturday at 11am and Coach Cassie will judge for you!

See you in the gym.


Open WOD 15.3

14 min AMRAP


7 Muscle Ups

50 Wall Balls (20/14, 10' target)

100 Double Unders



50 Wall Balls (20/10 to 9' target)

200 Single Unders


Other Options Available- just ask your coach!