Workout of the Day A.  Snatch grip behind the neck split jerk for skill/strength development


B. 20-15-10-5

OHS 115/75

Toes 2 Bar

Why would we ever do this you're thinking?  Well, how else do you think you'll get a heavy a#$ bar overhead to progress your overhead squat strength.  We're going for technique, out of the rack.  We hope that one day you find yourself overhead squatting so much that you couldn't snatch it up there if you tried, then you'll thank us (or Jenny Lau)!

Next we'll put that OH position to use by loading (OH squat) and distracting (hanging/T2B) those shoulders.  We'll go over these concepts in our Shoulder clinic on Saturday (and you can participate if you can still lift your arms),  and how different stresses need to be prepped differently.

Finish the week strong!  See you in the gym.