12299216_423617037834550_6645502980544082028_nCheck out this awesome speed-blur pic of our CF UP Ladies getting after it on the Rowers the other night! In celebration of our female athletes, we are going to welcome the "Nasty Girls" workout to CF UP.  This one will leave a mark, and if you've haven't seen the original video of this, don't worry, I've attached it.  The video got people's attention in a big way, putting CrossFit and the athletes on the fitness map.

Workout of the Day

Nasty Girls

3 rounds 50 air squats 7 muscle-ups 10 hang power cleans 135/95

This is the original video that kicked Annie Sakamoto, Nicole Carroll and Eva T into CrossFit Legend status.  Their grit, determination and athleticism is incredible.  Strive for intensity.