First off, we have a potential new coach manning the 530p class tonight - his name is Andrew Moose, and we highly encourage you to come check him out! Due to the interview process, the 430p class is cancelled for the day. Secondly, today is a Neural Recharge workout. Tomorrow, Saturday, we're tackling the CrossFit Total. If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard anyone talking about it in class, here's some more info. Accordingly, today is designed to get you as fresh and primed as possible going into that event, in which you will PR ALL THE THINGS. Probably.

A big part of training is your Central Nervous System (CNS). Your muscles only do stuff because your brain asks them to. Accordingly, if your CNS is feeling a little groggy, you won't be able to move as fast or lift as heavy as you might otherwise hope to. A Neural Recharge (or Activation) workout is a bit like a quad espresso for your CNS. There are no scores for these workouts, as your only goal is to make each rep as POWERFUL as possible. You can read more about the purpose and benefits of Neural Recharge here and here.



Pull-up, peak of 1


3-5 rounds: 1:00 broad jumps 1:00 medball slams 1:00 vertical jump 1:00 seated OH medball throw 1:00 rest

Remember, take your time to focus and execute each rep for max power. Stay fast. Have fun. When you start feeling warm and really good, like you're getting pretty powerful, that's your cue to STOP.

Use the rest of your hour to  go to town on some mobility work. Ask your Coach if you need some help figuring out how to address a particular area.