IMG_5968Scenes from a 4 workout kind of day.  Intensity, relief, focus.  You decide which! 3.  If you write your data points down, you should have entered 3 separate objective, measurable and repeatable items today.  We're starting to more heavily promote the use of journals, either old school (paperback) or new school (app on your phone).  If you choose new school, Eddie is moderating an app called Fitlb (as in Fit Leader Board- look for it, it's free!), where you can track and compare your results to other UP'ers.  Give it a try, and the next time Jenny throws any of those 1K/max strict pull ups/50 sit ups for time at you, you can see how much better you've gotten.  Trust the system. See for yourself.

Workout of the Day


150 Wall Balls for Time