A. lax ball shoulders, 2:00/side. Band OH stretch, 1:00/side. Banded pec stretch, 30s/side B. 2 rounds: bottoms up KB OH walk, D&B hollow hold, 20s (release diaphragm if need be) bottoms up KB press, 5/side inchworm + 2 shoulders taps, 5 reps


4:00 EMOM headstand/handstand variations (tripod attempts > tripod hold > tripod to headstand > headstand hold > handstand hold > freestanding HS attempts > freestanding HS hold)


Press, peak of 3, then 2 sets of 3 @ 85%


15:00 AMRAP:

3 Handstand Push-ups (PRIORITIZE FULL RANGE OF MOTION (FROM) - if you cannot do FROM HSPUs yet, go to a 6-second FROM negative. From there, scale to 6s to 1 abmat, then 6s to 2 abmats. If you are above 2 abmats, do a 15s HS hold. Can't kick up? 15s tripod hold. If you are comfortable with banded HSPUs, those are fine as well, as long as they are still Full Range of Motion) Walking lunges D&B with KBs or DBs suitcase carried 5 Shoulder-to-overhead @ 70% of today's peak 15 Kettlebell swings