IMG_6031Sweat Angel Montage.  400m repeats @ 3MOM 15 min.  Can anybody ID these? Intensity.  It's one of the things that makes CrossFit....... well, CrossFit.  We've been seeing more of this, and as coaches we're LOVING IT!  Lots of intensity in the Bar Brawl, and more and more every single day.  Remember, it isn't for everyone for every movement in every WOD.  But, when you're ready, it's time to stomp on the gas.  Getting your 400m repeats to decrease in time is a perfect example of finding that switch.  It's one that gets the most benefit out of all your time and training.  And, it leaves your mark on the floor.


Workout of the Day

A: reverse lunges3L/3R x 6, building


B: 7 min max burpees (03/18)


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