Workout of the Day: 5 rounds for Time

6 power clean/push jerk (135/95)

20 walking lunges


Back to the barbell to finish out the week!

Lunges are a personal favorite of mine, there is just so many benefits (excuse me while I geek out here)!  CrossFit tends to be very pull and posterior chain heavy leaving some athletes tight and closed at the front of the hip.  Like anything, if you don't use it you lose it, so it is important to regularly move through ranges to re-enforce your ability to do so.  Lunges are definitely a great exercise to develop leg strength, balance and core control, but performing them correctly also maintains anterior chain (yes, there is one of those, too) length in the hip flexors, quads, IT Band and anterior fascia and mobilizes the hip joint into extension.  I'm a big believe that if you have difficulty with your lunge that your running will suffer, and if your lunge is strong your running will be as well.

The anterior chain also tends to be tight due to our seated > running lifestyle, so for most of us it is important to properly prepare the tissues so as not to develop tissue compression issues as a result, which will be a focus in our prep as usual.

Let's finish the week strong!