FullSizeRender 6Coach Daigle helping Heather and Ryan prep for our running intervals today.  "Grease the groove!"  We saw some fast feet out there today, and lots of sweat.  Each run at each distance left everyone gasping on the floor for a few minutes.  That was intensity, folks.  Great job digging deep and finding that switch today! Happy Oly Total Day!

We've been breaking down the Oly lifts for the last few months in our skill work and workouts, and now it's time to see where we stand.  This is a 1RM or "heavy training weight" for the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch.  Yes, form matters, and will be strictly enforced.

Our next Oly /Strength cycle with Coach Kat kicks off next week Tuesday, 9/1.  This is a perfect time to come in, get some numbers, put in some work and see where you can get.  The class is focused on form, technique and will not only enhance your strength and Oly lifting, but will have a direct positive impact on your CrossFitting as you'll be more efficient with your movement.  You know you want to, sign up!

OK, so we want it to look like this- with or with out the classical music.



Clean and Jerk