Easter Sunday, weights were UP and overhead! 

Easter Sunday, weights were UP and overhead! 

The Open comes to a close tomorrow at 5pm and what a season it has been!  Great work to all of our athletes who tackled these workouts.  The support from our community, the dedication to see these through and the desire to be a part of something bigger than UP has all been wonderful to witness these last 5 weeks! 

As we get back to our regular programming, our goal remains constant: improve the fitness and lives of our members, day in and day out.  No matter your goals, we're here for you, just let us know how we can support you in your quest to greater fitness, better heath, or better performance. 

Remember that Clean clinic a few weeks back?  Let's put it to use tomorrow.


3 hang sq. clean + 3 split jerks

Score #, use SAME # for all 12 sets. (These are for technique and consistency)