Ellie, catching her breath during 16.3.

Ellie, catching her breath during 16.3.

Are you ready for 16.4?  So much fun, support and damn hard work.  3 workouts down, 2 to go.  Tomorrow's workout is similar to what we have seen, and let's practice the gymnastic skill that goes along with it, for the Open and for your general conditioning.

Strength vs Conditioning?  There is a difference between a strict pull up and a kipping pull up; intention.  For strength building, go strict.  For a metabolic stimulus to keep the heart rate high, kipping is the way to go; more work (reps, force x distance) in less time. The kip requires a requisite strength, but also a coordination of movements to make it successful.  Let's drill that movement skill, and if you don't have your pull up, work on your kip and get on your Pull UP Homework!


A: kip/butterfly practice

7 box jumps 30/24”
7 pull-ups