Hand Stand Push ups

8 Min EMOM

Every minute on the minute, you’ll do X number of hspu’s. X will be different for everyone but try to choose a number that is challenging but maintainable over the 8 min.


3 Rounds

1 Min max ll unders or attempts

 1 min max toes to bar

1 Min max box jumps

1 Min rest

A little hitch in your giddy up can go a long way. Issues such as tendonitis or low back pain can be a result of faulty motor patterns or imbalances. For a few reps they might not feel like much or be noticed at all. However, the cumulative effect of rep after rep, day after day can slow you down from what you love to do. If you haven't retested your FMS score or you've never gotten one, get online and schedule one. It can be fun to see how much you've improved but, more importantly, it can show you what you need to do to overcome your deficiencies and improve how you move.