WOD 12.31.14

15 min Handstand Practice


7 Min AMRAP:

7 Box Jumps (30"/24")

7 Hang Power Cleans (115#/75#)


Let's spend the last day of 2014 inverted and working on our power expression- and I'm not talking about having too many drinks and setting off fireworks.  Take the 15 minutes to progress your handstand 1 step further than you have gone before.  If you've nailed the wall walk, try to kick up into a wall support.  Can you do a wall handstand for 2 min?  Great.  Let's take off the bumpers and have a spotter.  When you get comfortable, remember to breathe into your belly- own it.

Then, this AMRAP burns through our power development whether we leave the ground or not.  7 minutes of high output- great way to end the year.

Hope to see you all in the gym to wish you a Happy New Year.  We're looking forward to 2015 being a great year for fitness and our CF UP Community- thanks for being a part of it!